JWOC Tour Part 2 Presentation

Welcome to the JWOC that never ends! Welcome to Aguiar da Beira – Portugal.

Welcome to the Forest Junior World Orienteering Championships 2022, where the forest stages will take place.
Although tired after all that we have been through in July (cancelations of the forest races due to high risk of fire and programme changes), the local organizers, Ori-Estarreja and the County of Aguiar da Beira are still commited to organize one of the greatest Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) ever!

Parallel to the Forest JWOC 2022 we will organize a spectators’ race – JWOC TOUR 2022 – Part 2. This way everyone will have a chance to enjoy this Orienteering festival.
Organizers want to create a phenomenal environment for the World best Juniors and, to do so, your presence, the presence of hundreds of spectators is a key factor!

This spectator race, JWOC TOUR 2022 part 2, will allow you to run on the very same maps as JWOC runners. The dates are scheduled from November 4th to November 6th.

We will offer you the chance to run two Middle distances in typical Aguiar da Beira forest (at Quinta das Lameiras map, where JWOC Middle & Relay will take place) at Friday and Saturday.
Due to shorter days in November, on Sunday (JWOC Long distance day) we can’t offer you the opportunity to run in the Forest. Instead, a very technical Sprint race will be set for you in Carapito, where the JWOC Sprint race was held back in July.

Amazing terrains, mouth-watering gastronomy and World Championships’ emotions are waiting for you in Aguiar da Beira!