How to entry for JWOC TOUR 2022

Participants must register their entries using the platform OriOasis.

In case of doubts or problems please contact us by the following e-mail: tour@jwoc2022.pt


To be able to have the correct prices – same as the runners affiliated in the Portuguese Orienteering Federation (POF) – you cannot submit your entries using the “Express Entries”.

To enter correctly, first login into OriOasis using the same username and password that you normally use in the FEDO online entry system.

Use this link to log in: http://orioasis.pt/oasis/login_ask.php?plugin=1

Information needed for an entry

  • Full name of the participant
  • Birth year
  • Club name
  • Country
  • SPORTident card number*
  • Entry class
  • Define which stages want to participate

*SI-Card Rental: 2,00€/race. Losing or not returning a rented SI Card implies payment of 50€.

Note: In open classes, participants can do the races both alone or in groups. However, entries should be performed for each member of the group, once everyone will have their own map and place on the results list.

Entry fees and paying methods

31st March 1st July During the Event
Birth date Stage 1 Stage 2 to 6 Stage 1 Stage 2 to 6 (only open classes)
Athletes affiliated in Portuguese
or Spanish Federation
2002 and after 2,50€ 4,00€ 2,50€ 6,00€ 7,00€
2001 and before 5,00€ 8,00€ 5,00€ 10,00€ 11,00€
Other athletes 2002 and after 5,00€
8,00€ 5,00€ 10,00€ 11,00€
2001 and before 8,00€ 13,00€ 8,00€ 15,00€ 16,00€

– Prices per stage
– Stage 1 will be part of the National Sprint League. Therefore, prices are lower at that stage.
– SPORTident card rent: Renting a SI card costs 2€ per stage.

Entries will open on 1st January 2022.

Entries are considered valid only after full payment! OriOasis platform allows you to pay using the following methods:

  • Visa card and PayPal – available for everybody
  • MB Way and MB reference – available for Portuguese participants only

In case of cancelation of entries, participants should e-mail organizers (tour@jwoc2022.pt) requesting the cancelation of their entries. Organizers refund policy is:

  • Entries canceled until 1st July – 100% refund will be provided
  • Entries canceled between 1st July and 3rd July – 50% refund will be provided
  • After 4th July no refund will be provided for entry cancelations