General Info

Meals at arena

Lunch meals at the arena need to be pre-booked through webpage. Further information regarding the booking of lunch meals will be available closer to the event.

When buying a lunch pack, you’ll order the main dish, 1 piece of fruit or sweet dessert, 1 bread and 1 bottle of water. The menu for each day will be available when we release detailed information about the meals (closer to the event).

Water will be freely available at the arena.

Buying your lunch pack in advance will cost you less money and will guarantee that you’ll be served with the lunch pack. Your booking will be confirmed only after full payment – information regarding payment will be displayed on O-Portugal meal booking webpage.

During the event, we’ll be selling other “smaller” products like drinks, sandwiches, cakes, fruit, meat on bread/hamburger/hot dog, etc. However, if you want a “proper” lunch, you must book it in advance.

Follow JWOC races

  • JWOC TOUR programme was prepared on a way that it allows TOUR participants to assist every JWOC race, prize giving ceremonies and opening ceremony.
  • Further information regarding following JWOC races (when, where and how) can be found on “Spectators” menu.


  • JWOC TOUR races will use JWOC arenas on most of the days.
  • During TOUR stages arenas will be working with just the necessary resources (JWOC TOUR Event Office, informatics, WC, baby-sitting, first aids and drinkable water supply point). Restaurant service will close around 1 hour after JWOC competition is concluded, making it possible for spectators to lunch before their races.
  • If you are thinking about using babysitting service during the vent, please check the corresponding option during your entries submission process (in OriOasis platform).

Hard floor

  • There won’t be a hard floor accommodation for JWOC TOUR participants.


  • Aguiar da Beira has no camping but during JWOC TOUR we’ll create a temporary camping site on the East side of the Municipal Stadium.
  • Toilets will be installed close to the tents. Showers will be on the stadium building.
  • Available from 9th to 17th July 2022.
  • Booking via

Model Event

  • There won’t be an official model event for JWOC TOUR 2022.
  • If you are interested to train in Aguiar da Beira region, contact our official training partner O-Portugal. You can buy training maps in advance (prior to event) or on the Event Office (subject to availability).

JWOC TOUR 2022 bib number

  • All athletes must use the official bib number, given by Organizers during the accreditation in the Event Office.
  • Only athletes with official bib correctly placed on the equipment are allowed to start the race.
  • The bib will have the following information: number, name, SIcard number, class, club and country.

Punching system

  • SPORTident system will be used.
  • Renting a SI card has the cost of 2€ per stage. Rented SI card must be handed back to Organizers after its last day of use.
  • Not returning (or loosing) a rented SI card will be charged with 50€.

Change SPORTident card number

  • Any SI card change must be done before the start in the Event Office. It will not be allowed any start with information changes not previously validated by the Event Office.

Start times

  • It won’t be allowed any change of start times in event days.
  • In case of any constraint related with start times (example: need of an early start time in the last day) please write it down during the entry process (in OriOasis platform).
  • Open and Formation (W/M 10/12) classes won’t have fixed start times, they will have a time interval where they can start with “START” box.

Race time limits

  • The racing time limit for Sprint courses is 1 hour, for the Long course is 3 hours and for the Middle courses is 2 hours.

Fair Play

  • At the end of each course athletes can keep their map, therefore Fair Play is requested to all participants.


  • The final result of JWOC TOUR 2022 will be defined by the sum of points from the 5 best out of 6 stages.
  • The points will be calculated this way: Points = (fastest time/own time)*1000
  • The first stage (Sprint in Aguiar da Beira) will be part of the National Sprint League and it’ll have special treatment (individual classification for this stage; prize giving ceremony and lower entry prices for affiliated in the Portuguese and Spanish Orienteering Federations).


  • There won’t be any prize giving for JWOC TOUR 2022.
  • As stated before, the first stage (Sprint in Aguiar da Beira) will be part of the National Sprint League and there will be a prize giving ceremony for the first 3 athletes on each competition class (first five on Elite classes). On the 10- and 12-years old classes every athlete will receive a small gift. There won’t be any prizes for the Open classes. Prize giving for this Sprint event will be after JWOC opening ceremony (on the same place – open amphitheater on the side of Event Center).

Health insurance

  • Athletes affiliated in Portuguese Orienteering Federation (POF) are covered by POF insurance.
  • National and Portuguese resident non-affiliated athletes are covered by POF insurance.
  • Foreign and/or non-resident athletes are not covered by any insurance. They should provide for their own security and insurance.

Traffic Indications

  • There will be traffic indications given by Organizers.
  • Please follow and respect the indications, both for traffic and parking.
  • Also be aware that not complying with Organizers’ traffic instructions might guide you to invade JWOC embargoed areas!


  • JWOC TOUR 2022 will be regulated by Portuguese Orienteering Federation competition rules. In presence of any missing case, we will apply the IOF rules.


  • Portugal is located in Southwest Europe, where Summer is usually hot and dry. July is the least rainy month of the year in Aguiar da Beira, with an average of 13 mm. The average temperature in July is around +20ºC. The minimum average temperature is around +14ºC and the maximum average is around +26ºC. It is common to find days where the maximum temperature rise to around +33ºC.
  • The organizer will reinforce refreshment controls on all forest stages.
  • During JWOC TOUR 2022 week sun will rise around 6h15min and set around 21h.