2022 PArt 2

4th to 6th november 2022

welcome to
aguiar da beira

We are waiting for You!

Sun is shining in Aguiar da Beira today and we are at the Quinta das Lameiras Arenas for a middle distance Stage of JWOC Tour Part 2. Just …

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JWOC 2022 Part 2 Forest – Voting Contest

WIN FREE ENTRIES FOR PORTUGAL O MEETING 2023 IN THE FANTASTIC TERRAINS OF ALENTEJO Vote in your favorite runners and teams, support them and…

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JWOC Tour Part 2 Startlists Online

The JWOC TOUR Part 2 Startlists are now published, and can be checked by Club and by Class. Click on the following link to enter global LIVE…

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Updated Information (28-10-2022)

The JWOC Tour Part 2 program has been updated, mainly in the first start hour for all classes in every competition day. Hard floor is …

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JWOC Tour Part 2 Presentation

Welcome to the JWOC that never ends! Welcome to Aguiar da Beira – Portugal. Welcome to the Forest Junior World Orienteering Championships …

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JWOC Tour Program (july 13 and july 15)

Two additional stages of JWOC Tour are confirmed for Wednesday (july 13th) at Carapito, after the JWOC Sprint Relay, and for Friday (july …

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JWOC 2022 Statement II

Enclosed you will find additional information about the programme update for JWOC 2022. We know there’s no comprehensive replacement for forest …

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Updating JWOC Tour Site/Programme

The programme for JWOC must be adjusted as result of JWOC programme changes. The JWOC Tour Stage 1 and 2 will be set as planned. During …

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JWOC 2022 Statement

It's with huge weight on my heart that I have to send you this message. We call your best attention to the extremely important statement …

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Startlists and LIVE CENTER Available

The JWOC TOUR Startlists are now published Online, and can be checked by Club and by Class. Click on the Clock image above to enter global …

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Stage 3 First Start Antecipated to 8h30

Due to the high temperature forecast, the JWOC Tour organizing team decided to antecipate the zero start hour of Stage 3 (Long Distance) to be …

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Final Technical Info

JWOC Tour final Technical Info is now up to date. Check the submenu Competion, in Technical Info menu. For each stage, all relevant info is …

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JWOC Tour Locations

All essential JWOC Tour locations have been updated. Please check Location page, on The Tour menu.

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Website open

The JWOC Tour website is now open.

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Main Organizing Club

Aguiar da Beira City Hall

JWOC2022 City-Host

Portuguese Orienteering Federation
International Orienteering Federation