What is the Forest JWOC 2022: JWOC stands for Junior World Orienteering Championships and, in 2022, this competition will be held in Aguiar da Beira municipality. All JWOC races should have been done in July, but due to very high fire risk we had to postpone the Forest competitions to 4th, 5th and 6th November. To differentiate the July and the November competitions, we decided to call “Forest JWOC 2022” to the races happening in November. This competition has two classes (Women and Men) and only athletes born in 2002 or before are allowed to the start list.

Who is running at JWOC 2022: Only athletes representing their National Orienteering Federations are allowed to enter the competition. We will have the very best Junior athletes from all over the World.

How to follow the races: The best place to assist JWOC 2022 races is live at the competition arena (the place where the races end). In alternative, Organizers will provide a Live-TV streaming, free of charge, so everyone can assist the races from far away.

Forest JWOC 2022 race program is as described below:

Date Time Event Place
     4th November
9h00 Middle distance race Arena Quinta das   Lameiras
14h15 Prize Giving Ceremony
     5th November
10h00 Relay race Arena Quinta das   Lameiras
14h15 Prize Giving Ceremony
     6th November
9h30 Long distance race Arena Carapito
15h50 Prize Giving Ceremony

How to run Orienteering during Forest JWOC 2022: We will organize a race for spectators titled JWOC TOUR 2022 part 2. This competition will have 3 stages and open easy courses (for beginners) are available. Consult the section “JWOC Tour Part 2” for more information.

Where are the competition arenas: The exact location of Arena Carapito and Arena Quinta das Lameiras can be consulted on the sub-section “Location” under the section “TOUR”.

Where to stay during JWOC 2022: The company O-Portugal is the official Accommodation partner for JWOC and JWOC TOUR 2022. If you want to be at JWOC TOUR, O-Portugal will offer you the best accommodation options around Aguiar da Beira area. Visit their website at: https://www.o-portugal.pt/jwoc2022/accommodation-jwoc-tour/

What to visit in Aguiar da Beira region: You can consult touristic information about Aguiar da Beira on the Municipality Webpage and on this PDF document.