Silver Level sponsors

SIGN-Sports is Silver sponsor of JWOC Tour 2022!

SIGN-Sport will be responsible to produce all JWOC official merchandising.

These are the official JWOC 2022 products and you can pre-order them on SIGN’s webpage: https://sign-sport.com/product-category/production/jwoc-2022/

If you want to buy JWOC 2022 official merchandising we recommend you to pre-order. Your products may be sent by mail to your home OR delivered directly to you at SIGN-Sport stand at JWOC arenas.

The company Manuel dos Santos & Filhos, Lda is Silver sponsor of JWOC Tour 2022!

This company, specialized on constructions materials and similar, will donate the materials that will allow us to build the most good looking finish corridor in Portuguese Orienteering history.

ALL4o.com is Silver sponsor of JWOC Tour 2022!

ALL4o is a online Orienteering shop where you can find… all for Orienteering!

From shoes to compasses, clothes to SPORTident material, or even hydration and headlamps.

All you need can be found at ALL4o.com !

The brand OBSTACLE CREATOR is Silver sponsor of JWOC Tour 2022!

Obstacle CReator is a national registered brand, pioneer in the creation of specific equipment/obstacles for OCR (Obstacle Course Racing).

Obstacle CReator equipment is present on all the best OCR competitions in Portugal.

Viagens Victor Correia and IC Pneus companies are Silver sponsors of JWOC Tour 2022!

The company Viagens Victor Correia does nacional and international transport of passengers and goods, occasional services, collective transport of children, among others. During 2022 this company has already worked with several Clubs/National Teams during their training camps in Aguiar da Beira.
IC Pneus is a high-quality tire shop.
You can find these companies at the West entrance of Aguiar da Beira.

Vitalis is official Silver sponsor of JWOC Tour 2022!

Vitalis company is a long-term supporter of Portuguese Orienteering.

During JWOC Tour 2022 hydration will be sponsored by Vitalis!

O-Solutions is official Silver sponsor of JWOC Tour 2022!

The brand O-Solutions, by Rafael Miguel, is supporting JWOC Tour 2022 by making all the last-time updates on every competition maps.

O-Portugal is official Silver sponsor of JWOC Tour 2022!

O-Portugal.pt is a long-term partner of Ori-Estarreja. Besides organizing the training camps and accommodation for JWOC Tour 2022, they are also sponsoring the event!

Auto Ramiro is official Silver sponsor of JWOC Tour 2022!

The car workshop Auto Ramiro, part of Bosh Car Service, is one of the Silver sponsors of JWOC Tour 2022! If you have any problem with your car during your stay in Aguiar da Beira, Auto Ramiro is the solution!

Bronze level sponsors

SPORTident is official bronze level sponsor of JWOC Tour 2022!

You want the best? You deserve the best: SPORTident!

Any time. Any location. Any weather.

You want to have an unforgettable orienteering event? The SPORTident timing and identification system is the most used hardware and software in the orienteering world. Their technology has been developed by orienteers for orienteers for more than 25 years. SPORTident goal is to make the most of our sport.

The SPORTident Cards and SPORTident Control Stations resist any weather, such as heat, dust, snow or constant rain. They are precise, lightweight and extremely robust – all Made in Germany – the best for you and your sport.

Briefing company is official bronze level sponsor of JWOC Tour 2022!

Briefing is a publicity company and will produce all the image material for JWOC Tour 2022. Some of the STAFF clothes, all arena image and remaining image personalization will be produced by Briefing.

The company Pomar da Presa is official bronze level sponsor of JWOC Tour 2022!

The company Pomar da Presa, located in AOP region for production of “Beira Alta” apples and “Soutos da Lapa” chestnuts, has over 15 years focused on the production of apples, pears and chestnuts.
At the end of each race, runners will enjoy some high quality fruit!

Pomar da Presa – the official fruit and vegetables store of JWOC Tour 2022 and the best place to by these products in the region!

The company OfiJorge official bronze level sponsor of JWOC Tour 2022!

The company OfiJorge-Reparações Auto Unipessoal Lda is a car workshop and car dealership located at: Estrada Nacional 226 nº 47 Ponte do Abade 3570-191 Aguiar da Beira.

During JWOC Tour they will give us an huge help lending us a car for material transportation.


Quinta da Moranguinha

Located in Pinheiro, Aguiar da Beira County, Quinta da Moranguinha is a biological red fruits production.

A family business in an exponential growth phase, where the brand is starting to gain prominence in the market for the quality of its products.

They combine the taste, the transparency and the respect for the environment.

During JWOC Tour 2022 we are expecting high temperatures. Luckily, to help us cooling down, we can count on the biologic strawberries and blueberries produced locally by Quinta da Moranguinha! You’ll be able to buy these in all competition arenas.


ValleSafras its a store that provides sports equipment for trail and orienteering, nutrition and food products.

“We seek to offer sensations. Each article proposed by ValleSafras has been tested by us and has our approval.

We are ordinary people who appreciate ordinary things. Come with us to discover.

Know the interior of the Earth.”

www.vallesafras.com | Email: info@vallesafras.com | Tel: +351 917 540 903

ValleSafras store will be present in all competition arenas of JWOC Tour 2022.

New Sponsors

Do you want to be part of JWOC Tour 2022? We are looking for official Sponsors!

If you are interested in supporting JWOC 2022 please send us an e-mail to info@jwoc2022.pt

If you are a seller (sports material, food, drinks, etc) and want to be at JWOC arenas with a stand contact us via e-mail. We have several sponsorship levels and we’ll be pleased to explain to you all about our plan to maximize our partnership. We are committed to give back the help our sponsors provide.